Mila Hajjar

She was born in Rome,

a city filled with history, art, and ... many cats. When she was a few months old, her family moved to Venezuela. In Caracas, Mila began her studies and began to paint.

Mila wanted to build houses, theaters, and schools, so she returned to Italy to study architecture in Naples, where she graduated with honors. There, she ate lots of pizza and made great friends. During this period, she traveled throughout Europe and visited some countries in Asia and Africa.

She returned to Venezuela

and settled in Margarita, an island in the Caribbean. There, she built apartment, buildings, met her husband, and gave birth to her son Andrés. She started to paint again. She made her first exhibitions, participated in several art contests and, on different occasions, won first prize.

She liked painting so much that she decided to move to Miami. In addition to beautiful beaches, Miami is famous for important art fairs. In the last fifteen years, Mila has participated in over one hundred and fifty exhibitions in the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia

In addition to painting and building houses, Mila also wanted to write, so she took writing courses in Miami and in Spain. Mila says that when she writes she feels a special happiness because she can create anything without limits or restrictions.

Mila has always liked children and animals. She adores them! Whenever she can, she does something for them. In Margarita, for example, she took children from a foster home to the beach. They had a lot of fun! In Miami, she went to the hospital to teach patients how to paint. She was also a volunteer at the Miami Animal Shelter. You know which one! Yes, where she met and adopted Pupa! One day she thought: ``I like children, I like animals, I like to paint, and I like to write. I want to do something that brings all that together! `` That was how “Mom and Pupa” was born.